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По умолчанию Pando Software Inc's Pantalk and Google Play surpassed 100K downloads

Pando Software Inc's Pantalk and Google Play surpassed 100K downloads.

PANTALK, a message service based on strong security features, has surpassed 100K downloads since the launch of the Google Play Store.
PANTALK, introduced by Pando Software Inc, is an SNS message service that enhances safety with high encryption, is equipped with automatic deletion functions, and has recently been developed in consideration of security, an important element of messengers and SNS.
This PANTALK was officially launched on Google Play last month, and as it exceeded 100K downloads in about a month, Pando Software Inc has also shown an unexpected rise in downloads.
This seems to have been effectively applied to the fact that users registered in Single Sign-On (SSO) can use the same account within the Pando ecosystem built by Pando Software Inc along with functions such as compatibility with Pandobrowser and QR code payment. Therefore, various Pando services such as Pandobrowser, PanMusic, and Pan Games can also be used in conjunction with the MPando Platform, making it easy to use.
Pando Software Inc said, "PANTALK's official launch has only been about a month, but I thank users for the faster-than-expected download numbers," adding, "There are various messenger services, but I think they received good reviews for their connection with other services and convenience. "
- Website: https://pandosoftware.co/
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoftwarePando/
- Medium: https://pandotech.medium.com/
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