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Отдам в хорошие руки Отдам нужное или ненужное, но очень полезное, в хорошие руки… Отдавать желательно безвозмездно или даром.

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Fut Sheriff adds that even though there will be World Cup-themed cards in FUT during the event, those cards will be removed once the tournament, and the FUT season, has come to an end. Heroes and Stars will remain, but cards that can be obtained for the purpose of completing special World Cup objectives will not be needed once the tournament is done, and will therefore be removed from your accounts.

Previous editions of FIFA that have coincided with World Cups have incorporated the tournaments into FUT. Allowing players to build squads from the players competing in the real-life tournament. That will likely not be the case this time around, and this might well be the final EA game that includes a World Cup at all. While most clubs and players will be making the jump to EA Sports FC next year, the World Cup is run by FIFA so probably won't be a part of the rebranded series in 2026.

10 Improvements That FC 24 Needs


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Now that yoursquo;re thinking about bringing your favorite team to the heights of the league, you might want to know what your headaches will be mid-game. With an extreme reliance on microtransactions, slowed-down gameplay, and pretty odd-looking real-life managers to pick from. EA has a lot to do before releasing its self-titled football game and being recognized as the greatest football simulator maker out there.

10 Repetitive Cutscenes In Career Mode
Career Mode had decent upgrades in FC 24, but unfortunately, not enough to make a dent in the public perception. With a very slim variety of cutscenes in Career Mode, you wonder why many people would opt for different modes to play.

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Unfortunately, this is the favorite mode to play by offline players for its RPG-esque qualities, bringing forward a story with a team you have brought up the league charts. Sure, EA is going to change up next year, but let hope they invest a bit more into the immersion of Career mode.

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круто, дякую за чудовий рейтинг
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